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Alexa Chung, Stunning in The Sculptural Hairstyle, Spanish Vogue

Alexa Chung, Stunning in The Sculptural Hairstyle, Spanish Vogue

Alexa Chung is widely acclaimed for her personal Style, and rightly so. Many people think that having great Style is simply a gift, that you’re either born with it or not, but here at The Art of Dress we know that Style can be learned. Everyone has the ability to have impeccable personal Style, it’s just that some people have better, more naturally attuned instincts. Alexa Chung happens to be one of those rare people. We are in the unique position to explain exactly why Alexa stands out from the rest of the crowd.

There are three components to Personal Style: first, your Style Archetype, second, your Colour Element and third, your Artistic Type. One aspect of Alexa’s Artistic Type is her Hairstyle. Alexa was made famous in part due to her chin-length bob hairstyle, which was incredible on her. When someone is dressing according to The Art of Dress, when her beauty is displayed in such a magnetic and charismatic way, then the impact of one’s personal Style really does have transformative power. Alexa Chung is an example of a person who sometimes achieves this.

Alexa Chung represents The Sculptural Artistic Type, and therefore one manifestation of The Sculptural Hairstyle.
The Sculptural Hair reinforces the strong emphasis on the eye by using bangs. Front bangs are better than side bangs, in most cases. With only a few exceptions, the Sculptural person is enhanced by dark hair rather than fair. Alexa Chung’s dark hair and fringe are stunning on her.

Alexa’s Colour Element, The Burgundy Earth, as well as her Style Archetype, The Elaborate Gamine, both affect her Sculptural Hairstyle. It is because of Alexa’s Colouring that she is most enhanced by chin length hair. This mid-length bob is her most effective hairstyle. As an Elaborate Gamine, she needs a style that looks very relaxed, even wind blown or tousled. This hairstyle is brilliantly effective because in length, Colour, cut, and styling, it suits Alexa’s Style, Colouring and Artistic Type.

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