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Elizabeth Taylor, The Architectural Makeup

Elizabeth Taylor, The Architectural Makeup

The Iconic Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was a legendary beauty, whose star power burned brightly over the course of a long and accomplished career as a film actor.

In a world with many beautiful women, why did Elizabeth Taylor stand out? Why did her Makeup, Hair and Styling work so well for her?

As an Architectural Type, Elizabeth had three things to work with to display her beauty: her makeup, hair and styling.

The Architectural Makeup

In her makeup, she needed to focus her attention on the lip. The lip is the most powerful element in her face. Because one of her Colours is ruby, this is a very effective Colour for her lips. Of course, the face must be balanced in some way. In the case of the Architectural Makeup, an eye that is shadowed rather than outlined accomplishes this. Medium to medium-dark shadow is used on the lid, an even darker shadow is used in the crease, and a medium shadow is used on the orbital bone. A lighter shadow is used under the brow. The eye Makeup is actually better without liner. The Architectural Makeup, with a heavily shadowed eye balancing a strong lip, is the first tool Elizabeth Taylor used to display her astonishing beauty.

The Architectural Hair Style

There are several things that are important in selecting a hairstyle: the volume of hair; the length of hair; the use of bangs or not; and the way the hair is styled. An Architectural Type with hair of this length needs low to medium volume. For the times, this Hairstyle was very moderate in volume. A side-bang or simply parted hair is the most becoming for the Architectural Type. The Styling of the hair is very important. While some volume is good, the hair must retain the look of having strands. An overly smooth or coiffed look seems hard or harsh for the Architectural. A hairstyle that keeps a medium volume as well as lets the strands of hair show is the second thing that enhances Elizabeth Taylor’s beauty.

Styling the Clothing for the Architectural

Styling emphasizes the head rather than the body. This means that earrings or a hat, for example, will be effective. If a necklace is used, it will have to be less important than the head Ornament. The earrings that Elizabeth Taylor has chosen are effective for many reasons. The first reason is the one just noted, that the head is her primary place for using Ornament, and therefore a significant earring works really well. Secondly, the earrings are weighted towards the bottom. This means that the large part of the earring is towards the bottom rather than at the ear lobe. This weight towards the bottom reiterates the focus of her Style, the True Dramatic, which also has a low Focal Point.
A third reason that these earrings work very well is that they are shiny and light in Colour. Her Style emphasizes the use of shine and her Colouring, Sky Blue Water, emphasizes the use of light Colours. Another reason that these earrings are really good for Elizabeth Taylor is that her Artistic Type, the Architectural, emphasizes the use of flat open shapes rather than spheres like pearls. The horizontal and vertical Lines that are visible in the earrings reinforce the Architectural nature of her Artistic Type.

Elizabeth Taylor was born with beauty, but she enhanced that beauty in a truly outstanding way, by adhering to her own Architectural Artistic Type!

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