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Sarah Jessica Parker Oscar de la Renta at The Met Ball

Sarah Jessica Parker Oscar de la Renta at The Met Ball

Sarah Jessica Parker wowed everyone at the 2014 Met Ball in her Elaborate Classic evening gown designed by Oscar de la Renta.

The Elaborate Classic Focal Point of the true hip was strongly emphasized by the peplum of the black satin bodice. The contrast of the black peplum against the white of the skirt accentuated the Focal Point even more. The skirt blossomed out into its fullness at the waist which is a little too high on the body for Sarah’s Style Archetype, putting at risk the hip emphasis; but the smooth lines of the peplum helped to carry the emphasis down the body.

The entire ensemble was made of heavy satin; ensuring the Fabric Harmony that is essential for Sarah while the weight of the fabric complimented her Silhouette. The narrow or alpha straps at the shoulders reiterated the alpha or fitted lines of the bodice. Oscar de la Renta’s wonderful design included a differentiation at the back of the ensemble that is completely appropriate for the Ornamental Artistic Type in the Style of Elaborate Classic.

Ornament gives the Elaborate Classic a chance to exercise originality and imagination. Sarah added a brilliant series of three rhinestone flowers to her glove and then finished with a flower bracelet worn over the glove well up the forearm. Very effective!

The white flowers in her hair added exciting, fresh glamour. Since the Ornament of the body needs to be more dominant than the Ornament of the head, in this case, a small necklace would have been more becoming than the small earrings.

Overall, the entire ensemble was incredible!

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