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The Plum Earth, Sophia Loren

The Plum Earth, Sophia Loren

The Iconic Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren has been mesmerizing the world since she began making films, and one important way that she has done this is through the use of Colour. Colours have three qualities, the undertone, the clarity and the intensity.
While Colours can be grouped into families based on those three things, humans are not so simple. Each human can wear many Colours that work pretty well, but only seven that are truly wonderful. The wonderful Colours are the ones that make the person glow with beauty, vitality and humanity. In this memorable photo, Sophia Loren has chosen a Colour that enhances her skin, expresses her personality and magnifies her already astonishing beauty.

The Burgundy Earth

The Colour Sophia is wearing is Burgundy, an Earth Colour. This is one of Sophia’s Element Colours, meaning that it fits her Colour Profile of cool, muted and intense. People with Colouring that fits them into the Earth Element generally wear cool, muted, intense Colours. Since Sophia’s Artistic Type is the Architectural, her Colours are influenced to be clearer than Earth Colours generally are. Hence, the burgundy that Sophia is wearing is a clearer version of burgundy than someone else would need. This adds focus to her outfit, expressing the extra linearity of the Architectural Type. Burgundy is also an effective Colour for Sophia because Earth Element Colourings look best in low Contrast ensembles. One reason burgundy looks so good against her Colouring is that it creates very little Contrast with her natural skin tone and hair Colour. Her natural skin tone and hair Colour are super-enhanced. The white of the stole is rendered insignificant by the rich, earthy lushness of this beautiful burgundy. It is a beautiful projection of Sophia Loren’s magnetism.

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