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The True Classic, Grace Kelly

The True Classic, Grace Kelly

The Iconic Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly’s Personal Style was so well defined that she has come to embody the True Classic Style. How did she do it? What did she do?

The Four Principles of Dress

Besides Focal Point, there are three principles of dress: in the category of Line, it is the proportions of the Silhouette; in the category of Fabric, it is the use of Fabrics that harmonize; in the category of Ornament, it is the use of rhythm, or matching. The True Classic is unique in being subject to all three Principles.

Using these three Principles, the True Classic must accomplish intensity, an unstudied look, clean lines and reinforcement such as folds or layers. Since the True Classic is actually a balancing of all the other 12 Styles, the middle road or moderation becomes the key to accomplishing the True Classic Style.
Accomplishing so much is actually a difficult feat. Grace Kelly lived up to her name, achieving her Style with quite amazing grace.

1. Focal Point

As a True Classic, Grace Kelly was remarkably consistent in emphasizing the Focal Point of the true waist in her ensembles.

2. Line

The Silhouette for the True Classic never deviates from the human form, an approach that would be boring for every other Style. The True Classic Style generates excitement in a way that is not possible for other Styles, because every seam, every stitch even, in the construction of the garment is visible in the wearing of the garment. For this reason, moderation is essential.

3. Fabric

Fabrics are also moderate. That is to say, Fabrics have sheen but not shine; light texture but not heavy. Print is possible is it is not too busy or too emphatic; moderate softness works well, as does moderate firmness. Fabrics are medium to slightly heavy in weight. A balanced weave is essential.

4. Ornament

Ornament must be rhythmical for the True Classic. Generally a necklace is better for Grace than earrings, due to her Artistic Type rather than her Style. Wearing a striking earring without a necklace is a very bold and usually bad statement for a Composite Artistic Type. In addition, the pendant earring also breaks from the rhythm demanded by her Style, since it matches nothing.

However, the pendant earring reinforces the vertical emphasis of this evening gown. This repetition of Line is also rhythm. This elevates but also reiterates the intensity of the dramatic statement of this gown for a True Classic, and in this way achieves a different kind of rhythm. Even though it might appear that Grace is deviating from the necessity for rhythm, she is not. She is creating a kind of rhythm in Line. She is actually enhancing the drama of the Line of this dress by using Ornament in a way that accentuates that drama. Amazing!

Finally, the pendant earrings are accomplishing one more thing. As a person with Sky Blue Water Colouring, Grace Kelly needs lightness in her clothing. Her neutral is Soft White, and her Colours are generally light, cool and clear. Such a dark dress would be completely overpowering to her without the lightness provided by the rhinestone earrings.

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